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How To's

How to setup your Group Leader Account

  • Click here to login to your group leader account.
  • Click Create an Account
  • Fill in your information, create a password, and receive your account number to log into your account.

How to generate Group Summary Reports           Sample Group Summary Report

Why become a group leader

  • Focus on the needs of the group
    Group Leaders can generate a free Group Summary Report on all the couples in their group*, which provides powerful insights on areas that need the most attention, while still maintaining the confidentiality of individual couples.  Identify the strengths and issues of couples in your group, compare results for men versus women, and customize your program to match what your group needs.
  • Easily Accessible
    The Couple Checkup can be accessed conveniently and privately from any computer with internet access, producing a PDF report that couples can easily save, print, and interpret themselves, priming them for feedback through your program.
  • Simple, flexible payment options
    Quantity discounts are available for prepaid voucher codes, which are distributed to couples and allow them to access and complete the Couple Checkup without submitting any payment information.  You can also have couples pay online themselves with no voucher codes required.

*minimum of 5 couples of same relationship stage (dating, engaged, or married) required